Custom Shipping Boxes : Unveiling 2023's Top Choices with MpackArt

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Custom Shipping Boxes

Ready to Upgrade Your Shipping Game?

Don’t let another shipment go out in a bland box. Upgrade to a branded, custom shipping box and see the difference it makes in customer perception and loyalty.

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Custom Shipping Boxes: Brand Your Deliveries, Impress Your Customers

Elevate Every Delivery

In a competitive market, every touchpoint with your customer matters. Why let your shipping box be just a plain container? At, we understand the power of branding and the impact of a memorable unboxing experience. That’s why we offer custom shipping boxes designed to perfection, ensuring your products not only reach their destination safely but also leave a lasting impression.

Why Choose Our Custom Shipping Boxes?

  • Brand Consistency: Reinforce your brand identity with every delivery.
  • Durable Quality: Crafted to protect your products throughout their journey.
  • Eco-friendly Options: Make an eco-statement with sustainable materials.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: From size to design, every box is uniquely yours.

The Power of First Impressions

Unboxing is a ritual. It’s the first physical touchpoint between your brand and your customer. With custom shipping boxes, you’re not just sending a product; you’re delivering an experience. Let that experience echo the quality and values of your brand.

Let’s Create Together

At, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach. Share your vision with us, and let’s bring it to life. Whether you have a design ready to go or need help crafting the perfect box, we’re here to make sure your products ship in style.

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The material:

Custom Shipping Boxes

Three-layer Cardboard

Our shipping boxes are crafted from three-layer cardboard, renowned for its excellent durability against mechanical damages. This material comprises two paper layers (outer layers) and one corrugated wave layer (inner layer), reinforcing the rigidity and protection of the package.

E-flute (Micro-flute):

We predominantly use the E-flute, or micro-flute, characterized by its thin, flexible yet resilient nature. It’s perfect for crafting shipping boxes, especially for smaller items or lightweight parcels. Learn more about the E-flute benefits.

Custom Shipping Boxes

Bleached Cardboard:

Opt for shipping boxes made from bleached cardboard for that bright, white finish giving them an upscale appearance. This material excels for packaging that aims to showcase high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products.

Custom Shipping Boxes

E-flute with Cardboard Lamination (Offset Printing):

For shipping boxes with offset printing, we employ E-flute combined with cardboard lamination. Lamination integrates the E-flute with a cardboard layer, offering a smooth print surface while retaining the box’s strength and firmness.

Custom Shipping Boxes

Gray Cardboard:

Gray cardboard is an economical, practical solution, ensuring robust and durable packaging. It’s an excellent pick for businesses seeking functional shipping boxes at an affordable price point.

Printing Techniques - Making Your Boxes Stand Out:

Custom Shipping Boxes

Screen Printing:

A print method that transfers ink through a mesh onto the box’s surface. Screen printing delivers vibrant, long-lasting colors, perfect for single-color printing on shipping boxes. Discover more about screen printing.

Custom Shipping Boxes

Hot Stamping (HS):

A unique print method that transfers foil onto the box surface through high heat and pressure. HS achieves effects like gold or silver foiling, imbuing your shipping boxes with a touch of luxury and elegance.

Custom Shipping Boxes

Offset Printing CMYK (with lamination only):

This technique brings out a full color spectrum, making it suitable for multicolored prints on shipping boxes. CMYK offset printing, when paired with lamination, provides additional protection, ensuring print longevity. Dive deeper into the world of offset printing.

Ready to elevate your brand with custom shipping boxes that resonate with your brand’s ethos? Request a quick quote today and let MpackArt craft the perfect box for you!

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